Who will be Tom Cruise's leading lady in his next film?

Tom Cruise is prepping his next film, ONE SHOT, an adaptation of the Jack Reacher series of novels and, as Tom Cruise is wont to do, he's testing a bevy of Hollywood's finest starlets for his love interest. Currently Cruise and writer/director Christopher McQuarrie are meeting with CAPTAIN AMERICA star Hayley Atwell (seen with her dynamic cleavage to the right), one-time Bond girl Rosamund Pike and CLASH OF THE TITANS princess Alexa Davalos.

The role these trio of ladies are reading for is a love interest for Cruise's Reacher, a beautiful young woman who happens to be the daughter of the US District Attorney. The character isn't based on one specific girl from the books though it's likely a compilation of a few of his former flames (the dude dates many daughters of many politically famous dudes).

The studio is reportedly looking for an actress with some chops but not quite A-list in name. Indie Darling Brit Marling was once in talks for the part but had to bow out because of scheduling issues (she since signed on to star in Robert Redford's upcoming film). Filming on ONE SHOT is expected to begin this fall in Pittsburgh (what is it with Pittsburgh??) after Cruise formally wraps on ROCK OF AGES.

Source: THR



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