Whoa! Was the script for Bio-Dome originally meant to be Bill & Ted 3?

It started out as a fun tidbit of trivia on IMDB for BIO-DOME. But did the script for that movie begin as BILL & TED 3?

This journey was set forth into motion when a bunch of movie fans were retweeting the trivia that was found on IMDB. Could it be true? Peter from /Film took it upon himself to try and find out if there was any truth to the rumor. Like Wikipedia, anyone can edit the trivia under IMDB. Knowing this, you are already a tad skeptical. Apparently several other sites have the same piece of trivia without an explanation. It just sits there taunting you. Reminding you that you will never go on an excellent adventure. IMDB's trivia section expands on the info:

"A third sequel was planned, but was canned after Keanu Reeves, and later, Alex Winter, declined to reprise their respective roles. The script, which had already been written, was instead modified slightly, re-cast, and recycled into Bio-Dome (1996)."

Aside from two pairs of dudes who are a tad daft but happy, does this rumor work? Bill and Ted are known for their time traveling adventures. Bud and Doyle try to impress their eco-friendly girlfriends and wind-up trapped in a bio-dome. Would Bill and Ted travel to a bio-dome in the year 3045 where they only have artificial intelligence as company? Eh, not so much. Still, without someone debunking it, it could possibly be true. That's until Peter contacted Bill S. Preston himself, Alex Winter and asked him about the piece of trivia.

Peter: Did Bio-Dome really begin as Bill and Ted 3? Or is that just an urban legend that has spread throughout the years?

Alex Winter: Total urban legend as far as I know. No one involved in that movie had anything to do with Bill & Ted. So unless they were just going to try and reboot the franchise with that concept and different actors, I can’t see a connection… The only connection between Pauly and Bill & Ted is that MTV originally asked me to host the channel in the Valley character of Bill. I declined and we got the Idiot Box launched there instead. Pauly took that VJ post and did really well with it.

Mystery solved! I had no clue about the fake trivia tidbit, which sort of surprised me due to my guilty pleasure love of BIO-DOME. So there ya go.

Extra Tidbit: Maybe the four of them could go on an adventure together. I really don't think Stephen Baldwin would agree though. Come to think of it, Winter and Reeves probably wouldn't either. Pauly Shore, forever alone.
Source: /Film



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