Bio-Dome sequel: Pauly Shore & Stephen Baldwin are still game

Last Updated on August 30, 2021

bio-dome sequel

It has been about 25 years since the release of Bio-Dome and the film’s stars, Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin, still want to do a sequel all these years later.

Pauly Shore took to his Twitter page to post a video message about the consistent requests he gets for sequels to his movies. As explained in the video, Shore says he would love to do a sequel to most of his films, with Bio-Dome, In the Army Now, and Encino Man coming up most frequently. Shore revealed that he’s in frequent contact with his co-star Stephen Baldwin about doing a sequel but they can’t make it happen themselves. As explained in the video, Shore says the fans need to let the studio know that they really want a follow-up. Here is what Shore had to say and you can check out his Twitter video below the quote!

“I would definitely do the sequels to all my movies… Stephen Baldwin texts me every day and says, ‘Let’s do Bio-Dome 2.’ We would do these movies for you. But the issue is, we, the actors, don’t own the movies. The studios, Disney+, MGM, and now I think Amazon owns Bio-Dome, so my suggestion is, if you guys want us, the actors, to do the sequels to these movies, then just tweet at Disney+. Tweet at MGM. And if there’s much demand for these films… they’ll simply call my agent or my manager up and be like, ‘Yo, Pauly, they just greenlit Bio-Dome 2, you down?’ I’m like, ‘F*** yeah, let’s go.'”

Bio-Dome revolves around two clumsy, dim-witted slackers who, while on a road trip, look for a toilet stop in what they believe is a shopping mall, which turns out to be a “bio-dome”, a form of closed ecological system in which five scientists are to be hermetically sealed for a year. Bio-Dome wasn’t a huge hit upon release, grossing a mere $13 million but its $8.5 million budget allowed the film to turn a tiny profit. In the years since its release, Bio-Dome has achieved a bit of cult status and I imagine there are some fans out there that definitely want a sequel.

Do YOU want a sequel to Bio-Dome?

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