Why haven't we seen a new Fletch movie?

Disguise-happy investigative reporter Irwin M. Fletcher might be skilled at sneaking into places, but the movie theater isn't one of them.

There have been many attempts over the years to bring the character back to screens as a prequel, sequel or remake. And a wide variety of people have been involved -- from potential stars like Ben Affleck, Zach Braff and even Joshua Jackson, and directors such as Kevin Smith, "Scrubs" creator Bill Lawrence, and GROSSE POINTE BLANK co-writer Steve Pink.

But nowadays, Fletch can't even get a steak sandwich, nor a steak sandwich. Is the project cursed? Yup!

At least, that's what you'll probably think when you read EW's lengthy investigative report on FLETCH, with fascinating insight into all the behind-the-scenes struggles, outlandish casting ideas (Ellen Degeneres, Dave Chappelle), Smith's endless attempts to make the project with cohort Jason Lee, the Weinsteins trying to slap together a million-dollar cheapie just to retain the rights, and even original star Chevy Chase's take on things.

And 25 years later, a new FLETCH apparently still no closer to reality. Check out the whole mess right HERE. And bill it to the Underhills.

Extra Tidbit: We nearly had a Brett Ratner FLETCH with Chris Tucker starring? Apocalypse averted.
Source: EW



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