Will Ferrell will open an illegal casino in The House from Neighbors writers

will ferrell

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood, if only we had some slot machines. That's what someone was thinking when they came up with the idea for the new Will Ferrell comedy announced today. Ferrell has signed on to produce and star in THE HOUSE, written by NEIGHBORS screenwriters Brendan O’Brien and Andrew Cohen who will also take on directorial duties.

In the movie Ferrell plays a guy, who, with his wife, blows their daughter’s college fund. Desperate for cash, they open an illegal casino in the suburbs. That sounds like a fun premise with a lot of possibilities. I’m hoping that whoever they cast as the wife can go toe-to-toe with Ferrell when it comes to comedic strengths. They are looking to start shooting the movie this August for a summer 2016 release so this one is definitely on top of the list for New Line.

Following the same winning production formula as NEIGHBORS, which went on to gross over $250 million worldwide on an $18 million budget, THE HOUSE will have a smaller than typical budget of $40 million.

Ferrell can next be seen in the comedy GET HARD with Kevin Hart which opens March 27, 2015.

Source: Deadline



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