Will Quentin Tarantino direct The Shadow?

Around here, we take our Quentin Tarantino rumors with a grain of salt. However, sometimes rumors come around with Tarantino's name attached that seem like they would start some good discussion, whether the news is true or not.

That being said, Pajiba.com is presenting the internet with the rumor that Tarantino is going to possibly direct, THE SHADOW. Most of you know that Tarantino always says, "Hey, I'm going to do this..." then we don't hear about it for a few years later when he's like, "Well, maybe in a few more years." The guy always has some idea of what he wants to do, usually a handful of projects, then either chooses one of them eventually or just keeps them on the back burner.

Well, Pajiba's source, The Hollywood Cog is saying that in addition to directing Tarantino would co-write on the script as well. THE SHADOW was just recently passed from Sony to Fox. At first, Sam Raimi was attached to direct then there was talk that it was handed over to David Slade. Slade later denied such events occurred, and now suddenly it's dropped into Tarantino's hands.

Most of you may remember (or may not want to remember) when Alec Baldwin played THE SHADOW back in 1994. Now I'm not one of those people that completely hated the Baldwin version, but I think that now you could really build upon it, especially with someone like Tarantino. Really any movie that combines Alec Baldwin, Peter Boyle, Ian McKellen, Tim Curry, and James Hong is at least worth one viewing.

So for now, this is a really massive rumor. If Tarantino isn't interested or attached, he'll let us know soon enough. What do you guys think?

Extra Tidbit: Who would you cast as The Shadow now? Adrien Brody maybe? Just throwing something out there.
Source: Pajiba



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