Wolvie baddie is?...

Most of you have heard that the central villain in the upcoming standalone WOLVERINE movie would be William Stryker. That would be the same William Stryker that Brian Cox played in X2. Thing is WOLVERINE takes place many years in the past and, well, Brian Cox ain't gettin' any younger. So. Who will play the young William Stryker? That would be Mr. Naomi Watts himself, Liev Schrieber. The actor has signed on to do battle with Wolvie in the film, which has now been retitled X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE. I like the Schrieber casting but I can't say I like that new title. Why do we need X-MEN subtitles? THE LAST STAND, X-MEN UNITED and now X-MEN ORIGINS. I suppose MAGNETO will now be titled X-MEN ORIGINS: MAGNETO. In addition, Fox has announced a May 1, 2009 release date for the film, allowing it to kick of the 2009 summer season in adamantium fashion. No other actors have yet been confirmed but Variety is surmising that Gambit might be a part of the film (he wasn't anywhere near the script that I read). The next major roles to be cast would be a young Victor Creed/Sabretooth and Kayla Silverfox. Gavin Hood (RENDITION) will direct the film based on a script by David Benioff. Share thoughts and casting suggestions below.

Extra Tidbit: David Goyer is writing and directing the MAGNETO film.
Source: Variety



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