Wrath of the Two New TV Spots

Wrath of the Titans banner

The marketing push for WRATH OF THE TITANS is starting to really begin in earnest now, with a new trailer that appeared only days ago and now these two new TV spots. One is is all action supplemented by music that is rather similar to the PROMETHEUS trailer (which in turn was sort of similar to INCEPTION, if we're going to get really nitpicky), while the other is a bit more dialogue focused, centered around the kind of cheesy line that somehow Ralph Fiennes still manages to sell and thereby impress me further.

Check 'em out below and let us know what you think below that!

The Titans shower their monstrous vengeance upon the world in a month on March 30th - will you be there to see it?

Extra Tidbit: When the video game "Shadow of the Colossus" came out, there was this whole viral marketing campaign where people supposedly found the ancient skeletons of the colossi in the game. I feel like that would have been a pretty cool thing to do with the Titans too.
Source: The Movie Box



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