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As I said when word broke that Warner Bros. had purchased a spec WONDER WOMAN script, this is a developing story. Sure enough, just one day later, Whedon announced he was off the flick. If they were kosher with Whedon going public with his departure, why not just save the news about the spec script instead of lying about it to the trades? Very weird. Today, though, we get a look at what was so tempting for WB that they bought a spec script from two relatively unknown writers. Latino Review has a review of their script and, well, they love it. Here's a brief excerpt from their review:

"Like I said, the script rocks. We of course get Diana repelling Nazi bullets with her bracelets and she beats the shit out of Nazi bad guys by the dozens. She has the strength of ten men.

For those fans concerned about her outfit – no worries.

When she finally makes her debut as Wonder Woman on page 86, her Wonder Woman outfit is a combination of her Amazon battle gear and the American flag, the costume we all know as Wonder Woman but slightly more combat ready. SHE LOOKS HOT!"

Pretty interesting stuff. I'm curious about whether producer Joel Silver is now reconsidering his stance to have the film take place in modern day. And, for the record, I'm highly curious to read Whedon's script to see what, exactly, they didn't like. Whedon himself seemed to think it was pretty damn good just not up the WB alley.

Extra Tidbit: Hey, did you hear that Joss Whedon wanted to cast Kate Beckinsale as Wonder Woman?!
Source: Latino Review



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