X-Men: Days of Future Past heads back to Canada for reshoots

When we bring up the word "reshoots" for any film, your first thought might not be so optimistic. However, there's been plenty of films that have gone back to shoot additional footage instead of rehashing and adjusting certain scenes.

Some cast and crew for X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST are headed back to Canada to take part in reshoots. This confirmed by Quebec film commissioner Hans Fraikin, “A couple of weeks is a big reshoot." That could be problematic but it's not according to Fraikin, “Not at all. It happens all the time, especially with big pictures.”

Truth is, DAYS OF FUTURE PAST is the second most expensive movie to be made at Fox, AVATAR being the first. With the cast expenses and what it takes to bring the time travel storyline to life properly it easy to see why that would be.

Actor Daniel Cudmore also known in the X-Men movie universe as Colossus recently posted about heading back to the set on Twitter:

Do you think this installment had a chance to be the best in the series?

Source: CBMCalgary Herald



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