X-Men: First Class brings in another mutant, Alex Gonzalez joins as Riptide

Let's throw another mutant onto the pile, shall we?

Another actor will be brought into the mix that is X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. Spanish actor Álex González will take on the role of Riptide.


Riptide was only a part of two major storylines. I think it's safe to say that "House of M" will not be covered in FIRST CLASS. Next possible option?

So that leaves us with the Marauders, a group of superpowered criminals lead by Mister Sinister. Riptide joined the group which was put together by Gambit at the request of Sinister. When Sinister decided to unleash his criminals into the sewers of New York City, Riptide caused some serious damage to Nightcrawler and Colossus. However the only possible link to this storyline is Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), who is the only member of Marauders that is in this cast. It's already been confirmed that Kevin Bacon is taking on the role of big bad Hellfire Club leader, Sebastian Shaw.

Basically I'm at a loss now. Are we just throwing him in for the hell of it? I mean, they could build toward the Marauders storyline, but again I'm not sure here.

What are his abilities? Riptide can spin his body incredible fast. When he reaches maximum speed, he hurls shuriken (throwing stars) and other objects created from calcified masses at such high velocity that they can penetrate steel.

Extra Tidbit: Am I missing a storyline that included Riptide? If so, please let me know.
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