X-Men: First Class writers will pen the upcoming Power Rangers flick

It hasn't been long since Lionsgate threatened the world with a new Power Rangers movie, and it seems they're intent on following through. First up in the pre-production mix is Roberto Orci. While he'll be plenty busy working on the next STAR TREK flick, he's also going to executive produce and assist with the story for the new Power Rangers film. The team that will be given scripting duties, however, are Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz.

Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz are most well-known for rebooting the X-Men series with X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. They also worked on THOR, as well as some TV in the form of The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Fringe. I'm certainly in no position to say who is or isn't qualified to write a script for a new Power Rangers film, but these two have enough experience under their collective belts to handle it, I reckon. Given Orci's involvement, I have little doubt that this will be a "reboot" in the biggest sense of the word, and they'll be looking to drop the cheese entirely. I don't think the world of cinema has anything to lose either way, so I say, "bring it"!

Extra Tidbit: Do you have any interest in a Power Rangers reboot?



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