Zach Galifianakis leaves R.I.P.D due to scheduling issues

Quick news: Zach Galifianakis has withdrawn from starring with Ryan Reynolds in Universal Pictures, R.I.P.D.

The decision all came down to scheduling issues. The actor really wanted to try and fit it in before or after filming the political comedy SOUTHERN RIVALS with Will Ferrell. But there was no certainty of when R.I.P.D would film due to Warner Bros wanting to jump all over Reynolds for the mandatory GREEN LANTERN sequel. Galifianakis' schedule for HBO'S BORED TO DEATH was also a factor.

Robert Schwentke (RED) is directing the supernatural comedy based on the Peter Lenkov comic. R.I.P.D, which stands for Rest in Peace Department, is about "the devoted, yet dead, officers of divine law enforcement "patrolling the deadbeat...reporting to one boss." Yep -- THAT boss. Nick Cruz was murdered by an unknown assailent, at the height of his personal and professional life. Now he's traded a hundred years of service to the R.I.P.D. in exchange for a shot at finding who killed him. Unfortunately his search will take him to Hell and back -- literally!"

Extra Tidbit: Anyone here read R.I.P.D? Any good?
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