Zack Snyder asked for Christopher Nolan's permission to touch Batman again

What if Christopher Nolan had said no, telling Zack Snyder that Batman should be off-limits only four years after he put the finishing touches on his Bat-verse trilogy with THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?

I guess we'll never know, but it's one of those mysteries we'll have to ponder as the DC Cinematic Universe gets ready to expand with BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. How would Warner Bros. plans taken shape, amidst Zack Snyder's new revelation that he met with Christopher Nolan prior to embarking on this latest film to ask for his blessing in incorporating Batman into what he was planning?

'You tell me if you don’t want me to do it,' Snyder told Nolan. After a silence, Nolan said, 'Well, we don’t own these characters. When you’re done making Batman movies, someone else will [make them].'

'I think he found it a little bit hard,' Snyder admits. 'I would feel the same way.'

I would hardly call that the green light Snyder was looking for, but it's enough cover for him to go ahead and do something with the Batman. Nolan is right. These aren't characters that can be put on the shelf. Someone is always going to want to do something with them, whether it's for creative reasons or financial reasons. So, if you have the opportunity to have them in your hands and you can do something worthwhile with them, might as well take your shot, right?

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is almost here on March 25.

Source: Empire



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