Zombies on a Plane in Quarantine 2: Terminal trailer

REC 2 is a horror sequel that actually enjoys a fair amount of praise, but though the original QUARANTINE copied the original REC almost shot by shot, they're doing something different for the American sequel.

While REC 2 started mere moments after the first film ended, and spent the duration in the same apartment building, QUARANTINE 2: TERMINAL (get it? Terminal) takes place in an airport which has been infected by the same zombie-ish virus. The results? Uhhh, well let's just say it's no surprise to learn it's going straight to DVD.

I'm all for more zombie movies, but I didn't see anything particular noteworthy other than the base thought of "zombies...in an airport? I don't think that's been done." Has it? I can't recall.

Check out the trailer below. At least Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter isn't starring again. Oh, and by the way, REC 2 and 3 are in development as well. 

Extra Tidbit: People need to stop using that font from 24.
Source: JoBlo.com



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