Zorro will slash again in a reboot of the pulp hero

Although he was just played on screen by Antonio Banderas six years ago, Sony is ready to put another dreamy Latino in the black mask for a new ZORRO.

The studio has writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia working on the latest version, which will reportedly be an adaptation of Isabel Allende's 2005 novel. Federman and Scaia have a TV background that includes work on "Warehouse 13", "Jericho" and the new "Charlie's Angels" series.

The dashing pulp vigilante (and his alter ego Don Diego de la Vega), known for using his rapier to carve the letter Z into the scenery and/or criminals, was created in 1919 and has been the subject of numerous films, serials, comics, games, TV shows and animated series.

The hero was most recently played by Banderas in the enjoyable MASK OF ZORRO (and its less enjoyable sequel LEGEND OF ZORRO). Before that, the character and his twin brother Bunny Wigglesworth was played by George Hamilton in ZORRO, THE GAY BLADE.

Extra Tidbit: The 1975 ZORRO went international -- an Italian movie starring French actor Alain Delon as the Spanish hero.
Source: Deadline



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