Mystery Science Theater 3000’s annual Thanksgiving Day Turkey Day Marathon announces details for this year’s event

Last Updated on November 9, 2022

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It’s the holiday season, and Thanksgiving is coming up in a matter of weeks. For fans of the cult hit comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000, it means the annual Turkey Day Marathon is also coming up. In the past years, Mystery Science Theater would run marathons of episodes on Thanksgiving dating back to the 90s when the show used to air on the Sci-Fi Network.

In the past years, the official Mystery Science Theater channel on youtube hosted the marathon with a live stream, but now details on this year have been released through Shout! Factory TV and former star Joel Hodgson‘s production company, Alternaversal. The official event is titled The Surgically Enhanced Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon. The “surgical enhancements” are new HD versions of classic episodes.

“This year’s annual Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon is the biggest event in nearly 30 years. Join your fellow MSTies along with hosts Felicia Day and Rebecca Hanson for a day stuffed with turkey… of the cinematic variety!

Starting at 7am ET / 4am PT on Thursday, November 24, the marathon will feature an extended lineup of ten feature-length episodes and one short film. Alongside NEW host segments, this year’s event includes two feature-length episodes and a short from the show’s current Season 13, screening for the first time outside of MST3K’s independent streaming platform, the Gizmoplex. 

The marathon also features eight classic episodes with NEWLY upscaled versions for this year’s Turkey Day event.”

The full schedule of the event is as follows:

7am ET / 4am PT The Sword and the Dragon

9am ET / 6am PT  The Starfighters

11am ET / 8am PT  Catalina Caper(FAN SELECTED EPISODE)

1pm ET / 10am PT Horror of Party Beach(FAN SELECTED EPISODE)

3pm ET / 12pm PT Santo in the Treasure of Dracula(Season 13: The Gizmoplex) (Trailer)

5pm ET/ 2pm PT  Beyond Atlantis(Season 13: The Gizmoplex) (Trailer)

7pm ET / 4pm PT  Warrior of the Lost World(FAN SELECTED EPISODE)

9pm ET / 6pm PT   City Limits

11pm ET / 8pm PTParts: The Clonus Horror(FAN SELECTED EPISODE)

1am ET / 10pm PTMitchell

3am ET / 12am PTSleep for Health(S13 short)

Stay tuned for our own Jesse Shade, from our Awfully Good series, who will have an upcoming interview with the host, Felicia Day, on the upcoming marathon event.

Source: Shout! Factory

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