New teasers for four AMC series including Humans and Into the Badlands

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

With Breaking Bad and Mad Men off the air, AMC is looking for the next big companion series for The Walking Dead. While Fear the Walking Dead will likely be the most buzzed series on the network this Summer, the basic cable network has four more series vying for your attention. Two series are new and the other pair are returning for sophomore runs, but any of them could be the next big hit for AMC. Check them out below.

In a land controlled by feudal barons, INTO THE BADLANDS tells the story of a great warrior and a young boy who embark on a journey across a dangerous land to find enlightenment.

Starring Daniel Wu, Emily Beecham, Oliver Stark and Sarah Bolger, Into the Badlands sounds like it could be the first martial arts series to be worth a damn since the classic David Carradine show Kung Fu. It is slated to debut on AMC this Fall.

Humans takes place in a world where humanoid robot servants are all the rage. But as anyone who’s ever seen a sci-fi drama could have guessed, these “Synths” don’t stay docile and oblivious for long.

AMC has not had much in the way of science fiction series to date. Starring Katherine Parkinson, Tom Goodman-Hill, Gemma Chan, and William Hurt, Humans could end up being a high quality genre offering or something along the lines of what we tend to see on SyFy. Hopefully it is the former. Humans is set to debut on AMC this Summer.

The other two series are low-rated AMC offerings that are actually pretty good and deserve a wider audience. The first is the 1980s set drama Halt and Catch Fire which wants to be the Mad Men of the technology industry. Starring the great Lee Pace (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) and Scoot McNairy (GONE GIRL), Halt and Catch Fire is aiming for a bigger audience for it’s thrilling look at a company designing it’s own PC to compete with the big corporations like IBM and Apple.

Then we have the historical drama Turn: Washington’s Spies starring Jamie Bell as a Revolutionary War era American fighting for George Washington to defeat the British. The show started slow last year but built into a nice show set in an era rarely seen on the small screen. With the promise of focusing on Benedict Arnold and other true life figures, the show is poised to expand nicely for season two.

Turn premieres April 13th while Halt and Catch Fire starts on May 31st, both on AMC.

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