POLL: What’s Your Favorite Friday the 13th movie?

Many folks consider Jason Vorhees the greatest big screen slasher of all time, but what’s his best movie?

The new episode of the Test of Time video series looks back at the 1985 slasher Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

If you didn’t catch it, on Friday night, our own Tyler Nichols, on his Friday Night Frights Live Stream, did an interesting breakdown of the Friday the 13th franchise (embedded below under the poll). He was inspired to do so after watching the recent In a Violent Nature, which is kind of a highbrow take on slasher films, with a very Jason-inspired slasher at the forefront. Here on JoBlo, we’re pretty devoted fans of the original franchise, but which movie is the best? Have your say in our poll, and leave us your thoughts on the franchise as a whole in the comments!

What's Your Favorite Friday the 13th Movie?

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