Terrifier 3 films later this year, has a much larger budget than predecessors

Terrifier 3 is moving forward with Damien Leone, David Howard Thornton, and Lauren LaVera returning and a larger budget in place

The first Terrifier had a budget of $35,000. The budget increased to $250,000 for Terrifier 2… and since that movie managed to make over $15 million at the global box office, the budget is getting a substantial boost for Terrifier 3. Deadline reports that writer/director Damien Leone will have a budget somewhere “in the low-mid seven figure range” to work with when he goes into production on Terrifier 3. Filming is expected to begin in November or December, with the aim being to get the sequel released in late 2024.

The Coven is handling the worldwide distribution sales for Terrifier 3. Phil Falcone is producing the film. David Howard Thornton will be back to play Art the Clown again, with Lauren LaVera reprising the role of Terrifier 2 heroine Sienna.

Plot details are being kept under wraps, but Leone was quoted as saying, “Terrifier 3 will be another boundary pushing addition to the horror genre, continuing the no holds barred, uncompromising exploits fans of the franchise have come to expect and celebrate. If you thought Art the Clown’s reign of terror in part 2 was extreme, you haven’t seen anything yet.” Leone has previously said, “One of my main goals for Terrifier 3 is to recapture the creep factor present in the original Terrifier short film. That had a genuinely spooky atmosphere that I’m still proud of. If all goes as planned, part 3 will be the scariest Terrifier thus far.

Priscilla Smith of The Coven provided the following statement: “There will be a much bigger budget this time around, which is intended to give the filmmakers more creative freedom, and let them be as wild as they can be. And, all jokes aside, we are going for that Oscar this year.” Her quote gives a nod to the fact that Terrifier 2 was actually submitted for Oscar consideration at the urging of fans.

Leone has said it might take two more films to tell the full story he has in mind, so there is a chance we’ll see Terrifier 4 down the line. In addition to working on Terrifier 3, he’s also developing an original project for producer Sam Raimi.

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Source: Deadline

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