The Santa Clauses Season 2 adds Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet as Mad Santa

Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet is joining the cast of The Santa Clauses Season 2 as Magnus Antas, aka the Mad Santa.

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Eric Stonestreet, who comes off as a big teddy bear in ABC’s Modern Family, is about to get angry. Stonestreet is joining the cast of The Santa Clauses Season 2 as Magnus Antas, otherwise known as the Mad Santa. This not-so-jolly Christmas-themed character reigned in the 14th century and is returning to take Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) off the board and reclaim the North Pole. What a jerk! I thought Santa was supposed to be nice!

In The Santa Clauses Season 2, the Calvin family returns to the North Pole after Scott’s retirement plan falls apart faster than Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree in a soft breeze. After failing to find a successor (spoilers, I guess), but still saving Christmas, Scott begins training his son Calvin to eventually take over the “family business” as Santa Claus.

The Santa Clauses Season 2 is produced by 20th Television, a part of Disney Television Studios, and is currently in production. Allen will executive produce the second season. Returning to spread more Christmas-themed cheer across Disney+ is Elizabeth Mitchell as Mrs. Claus/Carol, Elizabeth Dick as Sandra Calvin Claus, Austin Kane as Cal Calvin Claus, and Devin Bright as Santa’s elf best friend, Noel. Matilda Lawler will reprise her role of Santa’s chief of staff, Betty, as a recurring guest star.

Disney is opening the doors to additional guest stars for the sophomore season, including Marta Kessler as Olga, a cranky, steadfast gnome who doesn’t understand “feelings” and “empathy” and sidekick to The Mad Santa, along with returning guest stars Liam Kyle as Gary, Isabella Bennett as Edie, Sasha Knight as Crouton, Ruby Jay as Riley, Mia Lynn Bangunan as Pontoon, and Laura San Giacomo as La Befana, the Christmas Witch.

Ho ho ho boy, that’s a lot of people to add to Santa’s list of naughty and nice individuals. The Santa Clauses was a significant hit on Disney+, with the series entering the Top 5 most-watched original series on Disney+ by hours streamed from November 3 to December 31.

Stonestreet will make a fantastic addition to the cast and allow us to see him play a different type of character. Disney+ always goes all out around Christmas time, and The Santa Clauses Season 2 aims to bring plenty of cheer to the mouse-eared streamer.

Source: Deadline

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