Tony Soprano’s (final?) booth up for auction; jukebox not included

The Holsten’s booth in which Tony Soprano may have had his final meal is up for auction, drawing ire of fans who want it to stay.

Last Updated on March 5, 2024

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Don’t stop believin’ because you could own a piece of television history – and a staple of North Jersey dining. The booth that Tony Sopranos, wife Carmella and son AJ shared in the series finale of The Sopranos, “Made In America”, is up for auction from its owner, the Holsten’s ice cream shop in Bloomfield, NJ. Jukebox and onion rings are not included.

In a social media post this week, Holsten’s wrote, “The time has come. All good things sometimes need an upgrade. The famous [Sopranos] booth is getting a much needed face-lift. We are auctioning off the well endeared booth on eBay starting today. Place your bid on this once in a lifetime chance to personally own “the booth”. Check out our listing here. Obviously, we aren’t going to change the nostalgia of our beloved shoppe…. we aren’t crazy! Just polishing up the place!” As of publication, the booth is at $82,000 with more than 230 bids.

The Sopranos series finale generated immediate controversy when it aired in June 2007, capping off a six-season, 86-episode run of one of the most groundbreaking shows in television history. After many initially thought their cable cut out when the screen (and Steve Perry’s pipes) did the same, it was up to fans to decide: What happened? Was Tony whacked in Holsten’s while waiting for Meadow to park? Or was it an example of his living in constant paranoia that any moment, however seemingly insignificant, could be his last? Many have chimed in – including creator David Chase, who has outlined Tony’s original fate – but it’s ultimately up to each viewer. Personally, I think more evidence leans towards that meal being Tony’s last – why else flash back in the previous episode to the midseason premiere’s moment when Bobby said, “You probably don’t even hear it when it happens”?

Holsten’s has kept their Sopranos ties close since the finale, even holding a reserved spot at the booth upon the 2013 death of James Gandolfini.

As per the eBay listing: “We are currently renovating our booths at Holsten’s.  This is your once in a lifetime chance to own the ORIGINAL booth that the Soprano Family sat in for the final scene of the famous show! The booth includes both seats, table, and divider wall with the plaque “Reserved for the Sopranos Family”.  Please note that the jukebox is NOT included with the sale. The booth can be disassembled for easy transport.  All parts are used (not new) and sold as is.”

What is your final stance on Tony Soprano’s fate? Did he have his last onion ring that night in Holsten’s or did he continue in a life of crime?

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