Top 10 Worst Movies of 2020!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Make no bones about it, 2020 was the actual worst, but now that it's come to an end and most of us have lived to tell the tale, it's time for Awfully Good Movies to look back on this historic year for the movie industry with our socially distanced takedown of the Top 10 Worst Movies of 2020! Even though movie theaters are just barely hanging on to life amidst corona, Hollywood should be glad to know that most of this year's worst list is made up of theatrically released movies…wait a minute, that's not good news at all! But whether you were brave enough to head into a theater to see Robert Downey Jr. begin his post-Marvel career with a steaming pile of Doo-DOLITTLE and the X-Men ending their original era of movies with THE NEW (DESPITE BEING DELAYED FOR THREE YEARS) MUTANTS, or stayed safe at home with Kenneth Branagh's truly foul ARTEMIS FOWL on Disney+ and Netflix's despicable Polish sex (i.e. rape) drama 365 DAYS, it's evident that movies can still be just as terrible as ever whether on the big or small screen. Now please, folks, get those vaccines when possible so I can once again scream in anger at the latest Vin Diesel crapfest amongst my fellow theatergoers and we can all get back to a world that's good and decent even when the movies are shitty and bad. Maybe that's a lofty dream, but if Glenn Danzig can secure financing for a horror movie about a chick with eye nipples, then I say anything is possible.

And revisit our top 10 worst movies lists from the past few years…you know, the Before Times…the Long-Long-Ago…

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