VHS Retro Art Round-up: Grizzly, Freddy’s Revenge, The Exterminator and more

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Every child of the 80s will remember going to the video store and trying to find a movie to rent. Back before the days of Blu-ray and On Demand, selecting a movie usually meant finding the flick with the coolest box art. Like modern posters, classic VHS art has been lost but thanks to the Internet there are countless reminders of these cool creations. This column will be dedicated to bringing you reminders of a bygone era and a look at how cool some of these movies looked on store shelves.


A cross between FIRST BLOOD, ROLLING THUNDER, and DEATH WISH, this movie just has a badass and ridiculous cover. A motorcycle helmet and flamethrower are not the most inconspicuous things when trying to hide from the authorities. Click here to purchase on Blu-ray/DVD.


A band that rocks so hard that it opens a gateway to Hell is a great idea for a movie. I mean, just look at that hair! This is not a movie that you watch for quality but instead to see a heavy metal album cover come to life. Click here to purchase on Blu-ray/DVD.


The weirdest and most homoerotic of all the ELM STREET movies, FREDDY’S REVENGE is still a fun romp with Robert Englund‘s iconic serial killer. That first cover looks very different than how the films have been decorated in recent years, but you still cannot beat that classic second cover!.  Click here to purchase on Blu-ray/DVD.



Christopher George, star of THE EXTERMINATOR, also headlines this animal exploitation film that pits man against a giant bear. That art is pretty damn sweet on both covers. Click here to purchase on Blu-ray/DVD.


One awesome painted cover followed by a second cool one. I had never heard of this film before but I am now on the hunt to see if it can be as good as the box art (I doubt it).  Not available to purchase on Blu-ray/DVD.


Bond movies always have great art so you better believe the most ridiculous of all the Roger Moore films would have one of the best. Nobody does it better and these prove it. Click here to purchase on Blu-Ray/DVD.

Feel free to pop us your favorite VHS box art and come back for each future column. You can send your finds or photos of your own VHS tapes to [email protected]

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