What To Watch This Week: American Gods, After Life, A.P. Bio and more

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Welcome to What To Watch, your weekly guide to recommendations for television viewing. There is so much broadcast on the small screen these days, it can sometimes be daunting to figure out how to spend your hard-earned time. Well, worry no more! We at JoBlo.com are TV fanatics and have prepped a handy guide for you to follow over the next seven days. Each week, we will bring you picks catered to your viewing mood. If you have recommendations you think we missed, let us know in the comments below or email your selections to [email protected].

OUR PICKS FOR March 4th – 10th

Wanna watch something….written, directed, and starring a semi-serious Ricky Gervais?

AFTER LIFE (Premieres March 8th on Netflix) – I have always enjoyed the work of Ricky Gervais. His acid-tongue comedy turned the Golden Globes into a must watch event and his stand-up tours are hilarious. That doesn't even take into account his series work with The Office, Extras, Derek, and Life's Too Short. Gervais' latest series is more dramatic but just as hilarious as it focuses on a man dealing with the grief due to his wife's death. A cast of familiar British talent populates this great series that is an easy binge at only six episodes.


Wanna watch something….that proves why we need Alfre Woodard in more movies?

JUANITA (Premieres March 8th on Netflix) – When Alfre Woodard appeared in both CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR and Netflix's series Luke Cage, she showed a range of talent that is often forgotten since she doesn't headline too many movies. In this original film from director Clark Johnson (The Wire), Woodard takes center stage as a woman taking a bus trip to reinvent herself. This may not be a film for everyone but it certainly looks to showcase Woodard's talent as an actress.


Wanna watch something….from Neil Gaiman based on a book by Neil Gaiman?

AMERICAN GODS (Premieres March 10th on Starz) – After the first season of this series, showrunner Bryan Fuller stepped down. Into his shoes came the novel's author, Neil Gaiman. This second season is less surreal and artistic as the first, but the focus on story and characters should please fans of the novel and those who want to find out where the war between the old and new gods is headed. I will miss Fuller and Gillian Anderson, but seeing McShane chew scenery is always worth it.


Wanna watch something….for fans of true crime podcast Serial?

THE CASE AGAINST ADNAN SYED (Premieres March 10th on HBO) – The popularity of the Serial podcast helped get Adnan Syed's case a wider visibility and led to his retrial. It also launched a resurgence in interest for true crime stories. HBO always selects powerful documentaries to air on their network and this looks to be no exception. Having listened to the full Serial podcast and read up on the current events of the case, I am intrigued to see what light this feature project can shed on the tragic case.


Wanna watch something….about love, sex, and a conspiracy?

NOW APOCALYPSE (Airs March 10th on ) – If you remember the mid-90s days of "Skinemax" soft core programming in the wee hours of the morning, Gregg Araki's new series is the Millennial equivalent. The trailers make it look like a much more surreal and original series than it actually is. With mediocre acting and writing, this series is worth it only if you want boobs on in the background while you do something more productive.


Wanna watch something….while you wait for more IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA?

A.P. BIO (Premieres March 7th on NBC) – Patton Oswalt and Glenn Howerton turned a fairly generic network sitcom into something worth watching. It was good enough to earn a second season, but that does not mean A.P. Bio is all that good. At the very least, it is always nice seeing Howerton play a smarmy character. The rest is not destination viewing but enjoyable enough if you have nothing else going on.


Wanna watch something….about dark magic and werewolves?

THE ORDER (Premieres March 7th on Netflix) – Man, Canadians do love their genre shows. This new series from Dennis Heaton features a main cast comprised mainly of Canucks and follows a man joining a secret society. He then learns about his family legacy involving dark magic and werewolves. The trailer doesn't look awful but it also doesn't look particularly special either. Still, Netflix provides the ability to binge shows like this, so if you want your dose of monsters and sorcery, this could be for you.


Wanna watch something….for fans of legal procedurals?

FOR THE PEOPLE (Premieres March 7th on ABC) – The fact that Britt Robertson is on this show was enough to pique my interest. She is a talented actress who is wasted on the small screen. But, after a flop like TOMORROWLAND, everyone has to pay their dues again. In it's second season, this legal procedural doesn't look all that different than the countless similar series airing these days, but it has to be decent to get a second order of stories, right? Right?


Got any recommendations for must watch series airing on TV? Maybe something binge-worthy? Let us know in the comments below!

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