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2023 costume tests!

03.01.2007by: The Arrow

This week we put out the RECON 2022 TRAILER, and today here's a peek at the very early costume tests for RECON 2023 which is slated to enter production sometime this year. Much like with RECON 2022, RECON 2023 was written by Christian Viel and myself. Viel will direct the picture while I will again act (So that's what it's called!) in it.

RECON 2023 will see the return of actors Andy Bradshaw (Sharp), Valerie Wiseman (Kara), Heidi Hawkins (Jesse) and Deke Richards (Scott) and where RECON 2022 took place in the snow, 23 will unveil its freak-show on the desert-ish planet of Gauda Prime; the home of the series' ball-breaking aliens known as the Ma Hars. Scroll down for some shots and visit the MOVIESEALS WEBSITE to see the rest! And don't forget to check out the RECON 2022 OFFICIAL SITE  and both My Space Pages for 2022 and 2023.

Costumes by Andy Bradshaw - Pictures by Marcello Bezina

Andy Bradshaw as LT. Sharp.

Deke Richards as Doctor Scott.

Scott, Jesse and Sharp chillin!


Source: Movieseal ProdAITH



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