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Annual ArieScope Pictures Halloween short shows dangers of downloading illegally

10.18.2011by: Jared Pacheco

Well folks it's that time of the year once again! We're already more than half-way through October and it barely even feels like the Halloween season. Worry not though, the guys over at ArieScope Pictures are doing their part to help the genre holiday.

Since 1998 ArieScope Pictures have put out an entertaining short every year to celebrate the beloved holiday, sans 1999. They've brought us such classics as "King in the Box" and "Jack-Chop," among many others. And today they're debuting "Downloading and You" for our viewing pleasure!

"Downloading and You" is set up like a classic 1950s PSA that shows us the dangers of illegally downloading movies. There's kids getting hit by cars, dead puppies, crabs and leprosy... all because you couldn't pay $10 to see a movie in theaters! For shame! Of course ArieScope fill the video with their own blend of comedy and horror. So what're you waiting for? Tap that shite directly below or over in our videos section.

In the mood to watch a good horror movie this Halloween? Before you do anything the gillegalh way, watch this spoof of 1950s cautionary public service films and think twice. You know, because there was internet service back in thec 50s. Starring Ed Ackerman (FROZEN, HATCHET II, THE CHANGE-UP), Dave Foy (HATCHET II, CHILLERAMA), and featuring the voice of Kevin Barbare (WAAF 107.3FM Boston Radio, gThe Hillman Morning Showh), ArieScopefs 13th annual Halloween Short Film takes a light hearted swing at the illegal downloading predicament and itfs crippling effect on independent cinema.

So there you have it folks! ArieScope's yearly treat. To take a trip down memory lane you can pop on over to ArieScope's official website to tap the short films from previous years.

ArieScope Pictires 2011 Halloween Short Film - "Downloading And You"
Extra Tidbit: Which has been your favorite ArieScope Pictures Halloween short film?



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