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Apparently busy filmmaker Guillermo del Toro has time to direct some commercials!

02.26.2011by: Jared Pacheco
Here's a shot out of left field. Apparently Guillermo del Toro is lining himself up to direct some commercials. How about that?

This news is coming from The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog, which says del Toro has just joined commercial and music video production house Motion Theory. It seems this was expected to happen considering Motion Theory alumn Mathew Cullen and Javier Jimenez are partners with del Toro in his transmedia venture Mirada, which Guillermo Navarro also serves as a partner. Scope out what del Toro had to say regarding the situation:

“When we were laying the groundwork for Mirada in late 2009, it was always with the intent that I would eventually explore the storytelling medium of the commercial. I’m passionate about transmedia and have dedicated myself to becoming fluent in the language of videogames, book publishing and animation, and advertising is an extension of this narrative field. I am also dedicated to nurturing up-and-coming filmmakers, so in addition to taking on commercial projects, I look forward to providing creative mentorship to current and future Motion Theory directors.”

This guy is seriously doing it all isn't he? Novelist, screenwriter, director, producer, video games, commercials... what's next?

Unfortunately there's no telling what type of commercials del Toro will be directing but I'm sure it'll be a mix of things. Hell del Toro could direct a commercial for dirt and I'd probably buy it!

Extra Tidbit: What products would you like to see del Toro make a commercial for?
Source: Heat Vision



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