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Avatar featurette #2

11.19.2009by: Jake Dee

Any frequenter of the site lately knows my life wouldn’t be complete without (what’s become) a daily AVATAR briefing. Well, the trend continues, as the cool folks over at IGN have snatched an exclusive featurette for the film dubbed “Human Hardware.”

In the clip, which is thankfully much higher in quality than our first featurette, we get a horde of new footage, some in depth descriptions of the film from James Cameron himself, as well as some cool tidbits from various cast members, including: Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez, Giovanni Ribisi, etc.

Perhaps even cooler yet, we get a look at a weapons expert displaying the barrage of heavy artillery set to be seen in the movie. Taking it further, something called an “Amp Suit” is introduced, which is like a giant armored robot suit (not unlike the end of DISTRICT 9) which protects the body as well as amplifies movement. Some pretty cool shite!

So to hell with my yakking, right? Feast your eyes and ears on the clip right here!

Remember, AVATAR looks to overtake the globe on December 18th.

The sultry Michelle Rodriguez!

Extra Tidbit: How high on your must see list is AVATAR?
Source: IGN



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