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Check out the early sales art for I-Lived; video message from director Franck Khalfoun

05.17.2013by: Kevin Woods

Earlier this month we brought you the news that MANIAC remake director Franck Khalfoun was gearing up to bring us a new dark thriller titled I-LIVED and today, just ahead of Cannes, we have a look at the early sales art for the film as well as a message from the director himself.

Based on a script by Khalfoun, I-LIVED centers on...

a young online app reviewer whose latest assignment mysteriously improves his life, but also starts to tear him apart.

Ehud Bleiberg, Alix Taylor, and Pavlina Hatoupis are producing along with the director. Tiffany Boyle and Nicholas Donnermeyer are executive producing. Bleiberg Entertainment’s Compound B division is handling sales at Cannes, and principal photography is set to start at the end of May.

Check out the video message and the first sales art for I-LIVED below.

Extra Tidbit: Did you see MANIAC? Excited for more from Khalfoun?



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