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Check out the new intense trailer for Hate Crime

04.29.2013by: Ryan Miller

We've got an all new trailer for James Cullen Bressack's latest release, HATE CRIME, for you guys to check out below and it's definitely a tough pill to swallow as it takes a realistic and violent look at one of our worst nightmares, being attacked within the walls of our own home.

A jewish family, just arrived in a new neighborhood, are recording their youngest son's birthday celebrations on video when their home is suddenly invaded by a bunch of crystal-meth-crazed neo-nazi lunatics…

For just $6.66 you can stream the entire flick anywhere in the world by visiting HERE, but make sure you head over there asap as the film will only be available for 1 month before it gets taken down in anticipation for its Blu-ray/DVD release in August from Unearthed Films.

Check out the new trailer below!

Extra Tidbit: What did you guys think of the latest trailer for HATE CRIME?
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