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Check out the official hi-res R.I.P.D. poster

04.16.2013by: Ryan Miller

Yesterday we hit you with a couple of good old fashion bootleg posters for both R.I.P.D. and OLDBOY. Now, not only did we get a look at the hi-res teaser poster for OLDBOY that you can check out right HERE, but we've also got a hi-res look at Universal's R.I.P.D. for you below.

The film tells the story of a murdered cop that is recruited to work in the Rest in Peace Department, a police force comprised of ghosts who battle spirits unready to depart this world.

Directed by Peter Schwentke (RED), this flick stars the great looking cast of Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Bacon, Mary-Louise Parker, Stephanie Szostak, and Marisa Miller. There outta be a trailer just around the corner so we'll really be able to tell just what kind of flick this is going to be — so far so good though!

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Extra Tidbit: Has R.I.P.D. been on your radar?
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