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Columbia Pictures remaking Dutch thriller Taped

02.28.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Columbia Pictures announced today that it has acquired the rights to develop the Dutch thriller TAPED into an English-language motion picture. I've never heard of the original, but the plot intrigues...

A young couple, while vacationing in Buenos Aires to recapture their romance, inadvertently tapes the murder of an innocent man by a corrupt cop, forcing them to find resources they didnít know they had to fight for their lives to escape.

No director has been assigned the gig yet; Red Wagon Entertainmentís Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher are producing, while Hannah Minghella and Jonathan Kadin will oversee the project for Columbia Pictures. NL Films, the Dutch production company behind Taped, will serve as an executive producer on the new production.

Star of the original TAPED, Susan Visser

Extra Tidbit: Have you heard of TAPED before?
Source: Sony Pictures



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