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Cool Horror Gear: Clash of the Titans posters

Jan. 2, 2014by: Ryan Miller

Mondo returns from the holiday break and kicks the new year off right with two badass new posters inspired by Desmond Davis’ 1981 fantasy epic CLASH OF THE TITANS! Both Francesco Francavilla and Dave Rapoza are the artists that tackled the iconic beasts of Ray Harryhausen brilliant mind, and the resulting art is cool as hell. While both artists brought an entirely different and unique poster to life, they are equally impressive and no doubt do the film justice.

So how do you get your filthy paws on one of these? Simple, all you have to do is follow Mondo on Twitter and wait for the sale announcement which will be at a random time tomorrow, Friday, January 3rd. With a little bit of luck you might actually be able to snag one of these prints! Check them out!

Poster by Francesco Francavilla. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 275. Printed by D&L Screenprinting. $55

Poster by Dave Rapoza. 17"x26" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 200. Printed by D&L Screenprinting. $45

Extra Tidbit: Out of the two, which is your favorite?
Source: Mondo


Spitting Bullets
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9:15AM on 01/03/2014
The Medusa's Head poster is wicked!
The Medusa's Head poster is wicked!
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