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Cool Horror Videos: TV spot for AMC's Zombie Bowl

01.23.2014by: Eric Walkuski

As most of you likely already know, February 2nd is when the Super Bowl takes place. Yes, the biggest sporting event on the planet will once again be the focus of over 100 million TV screens…

It's also when every channel not airing the Super Bowl does their best counter programming. AMC is getting into the game (hehe) with the "Zombie Bowl", an all-day marathon of, you guessed it, "The Walking Dead". AMC seems to pull out a "Walking Dead" marathon whenever it gets the chance, but this is perfect timing - especially considering the second half of Season Four returns on February 9th, one week after the Big Game.

Here is AMC's "Zombie Bowl" promo, which is pretty amusing. Will you be tuning into AMC on Feb. 2nd, or will you be glued to the Broncos vs. Seahawks (And of course those stunning commercials)?

Source: AMC



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