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Dimension gets Buried

02.09.2007by: Ammon Gilbert
The good ol' boys at Dimension Films are at it again, acquiring a new horror flick for ya'll to enjoy. It's called BURIED ALIVE, and from all accounts, it's spelled F-U-N!

Originally produced by Odd Lot Entertainment, ALIVE

Can't you just smell the amount of possibilities steaming out of this bad boy. Sorority initiation, fatal curses, vengeance... count me in! Starring hotties Leah Rachel (pictured) and Erin Lokitz, the film also features Tobin Bell (aka Jigsaw), and is directed by Robert Kurtzman, the same guy who brought us good times with

No exact release date has been nailed down yet, but if I were a betting man (and I am, given the amount of liquor I've consumed), I'd say we'll see this bitch show her nasty little head in theaters sometime this Fall, right around Halloween. Stick around as we find out the exact date, and expect some official stills popping up sometime soon!
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