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DVD Buzz-Saw #7

03.30.2005by: BiggNewt

JAWS: 30th Anniversary Edition

DavisDVDgot news of 30th Anniversary Edition DVD of the original and still the best Killer-Shark opus that is Jaws (see Arrow's review here). I really shouldn't have to tell you anything about this flick. If you haven't seen it, please jump off the nearest tall building (just kidding). Already released in a 25th Anniversary Edition, Universal Studios wants to cash in on it's great white money-maker and push out a "better" release for June 14th. Arriving in separate anamorphic wide screen and full screen editions, the two-disc set will also include DTS Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1 and original Mono tracks. No announcements about any sort of extras have been announced yet. Keep checking back and will be sure to get you the latest...

With scenes like the one above, how can anyone not place this among their top horror movies ever made? This is one movie that deserves your double-dipping dinero.


Yes, finally, David Cronenberg's Dead Ringers will receive and brand new DVD release. The film was once given a short Criterion Collection DVD release which is hard to find now and expensive at that. For those not willing to do the searching and spending enjoy this release by Warner Home Entertainment. Don't worry though, Warner is actually making an attempt to acknowledge the film's class by giving it a few worth features. Here's what's to be expected on the DVD when it hit's DVD shelves on June 7th.


  • Anamorphic wide screen presentation
  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Audio Commentary with Jeremy Irons
  • Behind the Scenes Featurette
  • Interviews with Cast and Crew
  • "DEAD RINGERS Psychological Profile" featurette
  • Theatrical trailer

You have the buy this flick just to see what these little guys do...


Fangoria got the scoop that nearly slipped by them about one of the most coveted cult-classics to never be given a proper DVD release. The company behind the release is the Goldhil company who isn't even marketing or advertising the release? What makes the DVD even more kick-ass? Well it's finally get a true Uncut release and we won't have to watch our crappy work prints and VHS dubs. For those that don't even know what this film is, it's a film directed by Scott Spiegel about a killer who is hunting the occupants of a supermarket. The film is very gory and casts some recognizable faces of horror such as, Bruce Campbell, Sam and Ted Raimi and more. Check for the film to be released in all it's gory, gruesome and uncut glory!

What the hell are you waiting for? I already pre-ordered mine, pre-order yours now!

AMERICAN PSYCHO: Collector's Edition

Another film deserving of a better DVD release is the 2000 Psychological Horror flick that gained instant classic status entitled American Psycho (see Arrow's review here.) The film that launched Christian Bale's career and one of the better horror movies of the new millennium is finally getting a Special Edition. The film is getting what Lions Gate Home Entertainment is calling an all new "Killer Collector's Edition" due out June 21st. Here's some of the extras that the film will be boasting on it's DVD release...


  • Anamorphic wide screen presentation
  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Audio commentary by director Harron and screenwriter Guinevere Turner
  • Audio commentary by the cast and crew
  • On-set interviews
  • Behind-the-scenes footage
  • Deleted scenes
  • "Postcards from the '80s," an exploration of the commercial culture that defines Bateman's character

I really don't have to say anything about how good Christian Bale is in this movie, but just take a look. He looks like a bad-ass, gets to the ladies like a pimp, and carries around a friggin' Nail Gun...Is there anything left to say?


Also coming from Lions Gate Home Entertainment is another new edition of a disc previously released by others on the way: a new DVD of Takashi Miike's Audition (see Arrow's review here), due in August. All the extras from the previous release are being transferred as well as some new never before seen extras to please fans of this fuck-with-your-mind flick! Here's what to expect...


  • Anamorphic wide screen presentation
  • English Subtitles
  • Japanese Dolby Digital 5.0
  • Tour of Egyptian Theatre
  • Miike's selected scene commentary
  • Appearance at the American Cinematheque
  • Photo gallery
  • On-camera interview with Miike and special introduction
  • Chat with original story writer Ryu Murakami
  • AUDITION segment from the cable channel Bravo's 100 SCARIEST MOVIE MOMENTS (pending)

The movie is nerve-tingling, needle-tight, and just an all out Mind-Fuck! Check back for the latest on how to get your copy!


Well, that's the latest DVD News for this week kiddies. Be sure to check back next week for another column on the most up-to-date information on upcoming horror DVDs...til' next time..."Keep the blood flowing!"

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