Eli Roth debuts murder mystery on Snapchat

Social media is creepy. People share the intimate details of their lives with total strangers. There are apps like Grindr that can tell you within any number of feet how far a particular person is from you. And new photo sharing apps like Snapchat allow you to send photos that vanish almost instantly without any record of them. It's no wonder horror properties like Scream: The TV Series are starting to incorporate them into their material.

However, Eli Roth, he of Shark Week and HOSTEL, is here to take things one step further. Today he debuted a murder mystery on Snapchat, the premise of which is simple:

Roth and CryptTV invited 10 social media influencers to a mysterious mansion party in real life on Sunday Night, where their phones were confiscated.

Before entering, the influencers directed their 40 million fans to watch the story on CryptTV. One by one they social stars were murdered and clues were left behind for the viewer to solve, before the story disappears from SNAPCHAT after 24hrs.

These "influencers" included Logan Paul, Nick Bateman, Alex Burriss, Acacia Brinley, Lia Mare Johnson, Jack Baran, Simone Shepherd, Jake Paul, Josh Leyva, David Dobrik, all of whom participated in a horror story available for a limited time to anybody who adds Crypt TV on Snapchat during the show's limited run.

It's a fascinating way to incorporate new media into the horror world and it won't be the last time somebody will try something like this. Check it out while you still can!

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Source: Dread Central



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