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Feast has date!

06.09.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
Fans of Project Greenlight will be stoked to know that John Gulager's FEAST has finally landed a release date wtih Dimension Films!

As one who was sucked into Bravo every week like I had nothing to do, I am very excited to know that the tongue-in-cheek monster movie will be splattering into theaters September 22nd everywhere! For the longest time I thought it was shelved for good, so this announcement is one pleasant surprise, for sure.

FEAST stars Navi Rawat, Krista Allen, and Balthazar Getty, and is the story of a bunch of strangers trapped in a bar with a savage beast killing them off one by one. Good times, yo. So stick around, as I'm sure posters, new stills and even a new trailer will be hitting the net soon enough. It's time to prepare for the FEAST, as it hits theaters September 22nd, 2006.
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