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First details on Filipino-American horror flick Darkest Night, starring DJ Perry

02.11.2011by: Jake Dee

So we just netted a press release for a new Filipino-American horror flick from director Noel Tan, replete with the first poster. The joint is called DARKEST NIGHT, set to star DJ Perry and Anne Gauthier. Wanna hear what this sucker's all about? Let's do this...

Written by Russ Williams (THE LAST YEAR):

DARKEST NIGHT has its roots in horror styles and moods from many eastern and western traditions. Filmed in a “found video and documentary” style, ”Darkest Night” depicts a family holiday reunion at an isolated home in the Sagada Mountains. The family's celebration is shattered by bizarre, supernatural and tragic terrors no one can explain. This film is a psychological horror story with intense family drama, suspense, action and shock.

Pretty vague, that premise. Still, to see a horror flick set in the Philippines sounds like a lot of fun. Consider it a travelogue for all of us ain't making it to the shores of Manila anytime soon.

DARKEST NIGHT begins filming on April 8th. Gothic Productions International is producing.

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Extra Tidbit: Apparently there is a DARKEST NIGHT and DARKEST NIGHT 2, both made in 2005.
Source: AITH



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