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First trailer for The Devil's Hand, starring Jennifer Carpenter

08.21.2014by: Ryan Miller

With THE DEVIL’S HAND (formerly WHERE THE DEVIL HIDES) set for an October 10th release, we now have the film’s first trailer that claws into the soul of a girl that may have had a visit from the devil. This one kind of disappeared for a little while there before changing its name a couple of times, so hopefully none of that will affect the release. The trailer, however, is pretty solid and offers a few scares, you know, if possessed villagers freak you out and stuff. Check it!

THE DEVIL'S HAND is about:

There’s a prophecy in the small village of New Bethlehem that on the eve of every girl’s 18th birthday, the devil might inhabit her soul. Now as that day approaches, six girls, all born on the sixth day of the sixth month begin to mysteriously disappear one by one. Could this be the hands of a crazed serial killer, a village elder or the horrific prophecy come true…the work of the devil?

Alycia Debnam Carey, Adelaide Kane, Leah Pipes, Thomas McDonell, Jennifer Carpenter and Rufus Sewell all star.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be checking this one out in October?



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