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Get the full picture with this promo for Dexter Season 8

04.05.2013by: Ryan Miller

Showtime has revealed a new promo for the upcoming season 8 of DEXTER and it gives you "The Full Picture". The promo does what promo's do best — keeps it short and simple. And by simple I mean it doesn't show any footage, so if you're looking for a new glimpse of what's to come this season for Dexter Morgan then you're going to be pretty dissapointed. Regardless, it's a quick minute and 20 seconds that features a pretty cool blood spatter design — better than nothing right!

The latest season stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter with guest stars that include Bethany Joy Lenz, Rhys Coiro, Charlotte Rampling, Nick Gomez, and Sean Patrick Flanery, premieres on June 30th.

Extra Tidbit: Are you guys excited for Dexter Season 8?
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