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Ghost story The Firstling, starring Andie MacDowell & Milo Ventimiglia, just wrapped

04.04.2012by: Jake Dee

WTF is a Firstling?!?

Oh right, THE FIRSTLING is a new movie from Yugoslavian director Peter Antonijevic (LITTLE MURDER) that just finished shooting in Savannah, Georgia. The flick stars Andie MacDowell (seen right), Milo Ventimiglia, Lou Gossett Jr., Gabriel Macht and Rebecca DaCosta (below)...produced by TinRes Entertainment. You think it'll be any good? FIRSTLINGS first...

Written by Nissar Modi:

The movie tells of a woman who is pregnant but is afraid of losing her unborn child if she doesnít avenge a supernatural entity.

A tad vague, but pretty cool sounding I suppose. Will the supernatural entity be a malefic ghost, or some other kind of mystical force? My guess is we'll hear more on the matter in the near future. meanwhile, let's all salute Lou Gossett, who would tally his 163rd screen credit with THE FIRSTLING. Dude's 75 and still kicking!

Extra Tidbit: How does THE FIRSTLING sound to you? You diggin' the cast so far?
Source: THR



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