Hannah scribe Seth Lochhead will write in the Shadow of the Colossus

SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS is generally regarded as an artistic milestone within the medium of video games. As such a film adaptation of the dark fantasy is moving forward at Sony with CHRONICLE director Josh Trank attached to direct. In the latest bit of SHADOW news, the project has gotten a new screenwriter.

Seth Lochhead, co-scripter of Joe Wright's 2011 action film HANNAH, will be taking over duties from previous screenwriter Justin Marks. Lochhead is a hot commodity among Hollywood screenwriters with a top secret project called THE GOVERNESS in development through Michael Bay and Warner Bros. Lochhead has also written an adaptation of Bill Pohlad's sci-fi novel THE AGE OF MIRACLES.

This guy clearly has a knack for unique action and characterization, so it will be interesting to see if his take on SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS will get a greenlight. If you're unfamiliar with the game, check out the synopsis below and stay tuned for further updates on the film's progress.

A young man brings his deceased love to a mystical land inhabited by colossal stone creatures that it is told have the power within them to revive the dead. He must, however, destroy these legendary creatures to unlock this power.

Extra Tidbit: Josh Trank has also batted around the possibility of a CHRONICLE follow-up, though I would much prefer to see something like SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS hit the big screen next.
Source: THR



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