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Hayden Panettiere talks Scream 4: "I love my character."

07.20.2010by: Jared Pacheco
It's no secret there's all kinds of drama surrounding the production of SCREAM 4. This person is leaving for that reason, and that person is leaving for this reason... it's a mess. One thing people have been going back and forth about is how Hayden Panettiere feels about the project. Word had it she wasn't to happy with the way things were going. And she was even more unset that her character was getting the shaft in the revised script, supposedly. Alas worry not folks because today we find out exactly how Ms. Panettiere feels!

You see Access Hollywood recently had a chance to chat with the young actress and asked her what the deal was with all the he-said-she-said drama:

ďI donít know whether itís somebody projecting or, who knows where it came from, but ultimately it was very untrue and I love my characterÖIím having a really good time doing it.Ē

Panettiere (pictured) goes on to assure everyone that the cast is having an amazing time and that everything is going great. Really? Well we wouldn't expect her to come out and say things are falling apart now, would we? Hey, with all the turmoil around SCREAM 4 it's pretty refreshing to hear something positive coming from the set at least.

We've been bringing you every SCREAM update that comes our way thus far so don't expect us to stop anytime soon! Keep it here for all your SCREAM 4 needs as we await it's April 15, 2011 release date.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite line from the SCREAM franchise?



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