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Holland's Driven hits web

07.13.2007by: Eric Walkuski

Ironic turn of events here: Having just written a small piece about Richard (PSYCHO 2) Franklinís passing, I receive an email regarding a project called DRIVEN, which is written and directed by Tom Holland - who also wrote PSYCHO 2.

DRIVEN is a web series about a down and out limo driver, Tom Pope, who is hired to drive the daughter of a super rich Miami developer to an insane asylum in Jackson, Mississippi. The girl will be kept drugged and looked after by a nurse who will accompany them.

They are no more than half a day on the road when the girl, Holly, palms her pills and gets into a fight with the nurse. The girl throws the woman out of the car at eighty miles an hour, killing her.

Pope finds himself stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead body and a crazy girl, only the girl tells him she is sane, that she is being set up to be killed, and he's slated to take the fall for it. Pope has to find out the truth and stay alive at the same time.

Sound intriguing. To check out the teaser trailer, look no further than right below (itís obviously just a promo). And if you have a Myspace account, give Hollandís page a look where he talks about his career and other nifty things.

Source: Myspace



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