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IFC Films takes on the race-against-time thriller The Ledge

01.24.2011by: Eric Walkuski

IFC Films, always on the mark when it comes to interesting acquisitions, has just picked up Matthew Chapman's THE LEDGE, which is playing in the U.S. Dramatic Competition at Sundance and just recently had its premiere there. The flick boasts a cast that includes Charlie Hunnam, Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson, Terrence Howard, and Christopher Gorham.

Here's the synopsis: In this race-against-time thriller, the opposing philosophies of two men embroiled in a complicated love triangle with a beautiful woman (Tyler) escalate into a lethal battle of wills. Ultimately, the believer (Wilson) forces the non-believer (Hunnam) onto the ledge of a tall building. He gives him one hour to make a choice between his own life and someone else’s, a while a policeman (Howard) tries to convince him to come down. Without faith of an afterlife, will he be capable of such a sacrifice?

Jonathan Sehring, President of Sundance Selects/IFC Films, said: “THE LEDGE is a well crafted and morally complex thriller that will really get people talking.”

Very interesting premise, and with a solid cast to boot. Remains to be seen just how "genre" this flick is, but with IFC, I'm always willing to bet that it's worth a mention.

A theatrical release is scheduled for late spring; in all likelihood it will be available via Video OnDemand around the same time.

Extra Tidbit: This shouldn't be confused with MAN ON A LEDGE, a thriller with a somewhat similar premise starring Sam Worthington and Elizabeth Banks.
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