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INT: Dick Warlock

06.01.2000by: The Arrow

The Arrow interviews Dick Warlock

Dick Warlock is a lot of things. He’s a father (Lance and Billy Warlock are his sons), he’s a stuntman (The Relic, Casino, The Abyss, The Dead Pool, Christine, The Thing, Ghost Story and many more) and he’s also an actor (Firestarter, Pumkinhead, The Abyss). But to us horror psychos he will always be remembered as the dude that played the Shape in Halloween 2. In Arrow’s book of the dead Warlock was the best Michael. He came across as meaner, scarier and definitely crueler. Mr. Warlock took a quick break from his hectic schedule to toss a few words The Arrow’s way. Here they are.

1- What’s your favorite horror movie?

"Creature From the Black Lagoon". Some people don't consider this one a horror film but I do. I worked in the "Thing" remake, Chucky 2 & 3, Pumpkinhead, Friday pt 5, and they are all good horror films. It's hard to say besides Creature, which is my favorite film. I also liked the Body Snatchers and the old Frankenstein films. It's a tough call. A lot of good ones. I haven't seen any of the non-union underground (garage) horror films.

2- Michael in part 2 (my opinion) seemed like the meanest of 'em all. Did you watch the first one before doing it? What do you think was different about your performance?

I patterned my performance after the scene where Mike has been stabbed in the eyes, Jamie is sitting in the doorway, and Mike sits up and turns his head towards her. Very mechanical. I have no idea which one of the 5 people who played Michael did that scene.

3- Have you followed the Halloween flicks after part 2? If so, what's your opinion on the direction it took with part 5 and 6, mixing Michael with Cults and Druids?

No, I have seen them recently but I must admit I haven't studied them as some fans have.

4- When's the last time you watched Halloween 2...did it still hold up?

It still holds up very well. Maybe a year ago.

5- What's the scariest thing a fan ever did in regards to you...The Shape?

I was bothered by only one fan and that's too long a story to go into.

6- When can we see you again. Any upcoming projects?

The recently released "28 Days" with Sandra Bullock. A stunt driving sequence. I can't be seen as myself however.

7- During the shoot of part 2, would you sometime wear the mask at home or anything of the sort?

I didn't take possession of the mask until Debra gave it to me at the end of shooting. I did chase my fiance around a drive-in movie theatre dressed as Michael while the film was being shown. But you know something, not one person paid any attention to us and she was screaming her head off and I've got this huge butcher's knife raised in the air as I'm doing this. Oh, well...

8- What's the worst horror flick you've ever seen? (why doesn’t anybody want to answer this question!!!)

I don't really want to answer that. It might hurt someone's feelings.

Thanks a bundle Dick, stalk you later! If you nutballs want to know more about the man behind the mask, check out his Official Site.



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