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INT: Milla Jovovich

03.08.2002by: The Arrow

The Arrow interviews Milla Jovovich

Yes, this job has its perks. I recently got the chance to toss a couple of questions Milla Jovovich's way regarding her upcoming badass flick "Resident Evil" (opens March 15th, 2002). Here's what she had to say.

ARROW: Whatís your favorite horror movie?

MJ: Probably Resident Evil. You know, Iím not a big horror film fan. Sorry for all the horror film fans that are gonna hate me now but itís just never been my thing. But I love this game and, you know, I just wanted to make this game into a great, really frightening film.

ARROW: This is your first horror movie. How did it feel on the set? Were you ever frightened for real while you were shooting?

MJ: Oh it was so scary. Well, I think itís pretty disappointing 'cause I was hoping to be much more frightened than I was. You know, for me, Iím much more frightened to go on a LíOreal commercial than I am on the set of Resident Evil, so, but the zombies were pretty frightening. I mean, itís not like they were frightening like, oh, Iím scared, itís more like, you just donít wanna shake their hand 'cause theyíre kind of gross. They just look dirty and sort of diseased and kind of tried to stay away from them as much as possible, which was really sad because they wanted to get to know us and stuff but, you know, itís just one of those things that it just doesnít look healthy, it doesnít look sanitary.

ARROW : Did you try the video game once before you got cast, and what did you think?

MJ: Well, listen, the only reason I wanted to do this movie was because I loved the video game. I mean, I donít know why else anybody, would wanna do a movie like this, if they werenít fans of the game. And when my little brother, heís 13, comes to visit me over the summer, he brings a whole array of games, 'cause heís a freak. A complete video game fanatic. And, I sit with him and we play these games together, 'cause I donít wanna leave him too much alone in this world 'cause you know, I donít want these kids to get any weird ideas. So I would just sit with him and play these games and then he starts playing this one game with this really hot chick in a miniskirt and a tube top, and Iím like who- - what is this. This is really cool, whatís this.

Itís Resident Evil, hello, itís one of the coolest games ever. I was like, yeah, and it was really cool and Resident Evilís great because he could be using the control but Iíll be telling him what to do. You know, by the end of the evening, like four of my friends came over and so heís surrounded by these adults screaming at the TV, going no, here, go over there. You know, he was freaking out. I mean, he just thought we were the biggest dorks in the world, until I realized that they were making a movie of this, and I said, I have to play this girl because my brother is gonna think Iím god, pretty much, if I get the part. So I fought really hard to get this role to impress him pretty much and all his friends.

ARROW: In a nutshell, do you know how faithful the film is with regards to the game?

MJ: Listen. I mean, we tried to make this movie for everyone, not just fans of the game, but saying that, I mean, we are such fans of the game, it was like, we were not gonna let the director do anything that we thought just kind of veered away from the spirit of the game. Paul was very smart when he wrote the script and we didnít wanna get stuck to any particular story line so we pretty much made a prequel with a whole group of new characters, but thatís pretty much the farthest we get from the game.

I mean, we have shots that are directly taken from Resident Evil One, Two, and Three that are in the movie. I mean, Dobermans smashiní through the window. Youíve got the Licker falling down backwards from the ceiling. I mean, this is really great. I mean, if you love this game, youíre gonna love this movie because itís rated R, number one. We donít shy away from that rating. I mean, we were pushing the boundaries of R, which Iím totally down for because Iíve never done that before and this game is such a sort of rated R game, we didnít wanna make a PG-13 Resident Evil because then weíd get lynched by the fans, so in a way, this movie is made by the fans for the fans. And the people that donít know the game are gonna love it too.

ARROW: Muchos gracias bella Milla.

I'd like to thank the criminally gorgeous Milla for her time. I had a blast watching you kick that Zombie ass in the flick. Looking forward to seeing ya in the sequel!



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