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Is Kristen Bell going to be the new 'Marilyn Munster' in NBC's "The Munsters" reboot?!

10.09.2010by: Jared Pacheco
Do you guys remember earlier this month, when I hit you all with the news that NBC were moving forward with a reboot of the classic television series "The Munsters?" What am I saying.. of course you remember. Well it seems this thing is happening quicker than we thought because there's already news floating around regarding some potential casting!

The update today is coming from Entertainment Weekly's Ausiello Files and has a movement springing forward to get the gorgeous Kristen Bell cast as the family's 'normal' cousin 'Marilyn.' Hmm... Bell (below) as 'Marilyn?' Sounds like some solid casting to me! According to producer Bryan Fuller the character of 'Marilyn,' played by Beverly Owen (right) in the original, will have a much larger role in this reboot:

"She is our eyes into the world, in the sense that we all can relate to our families exhibiting some level of monstrous behavior. .... Are you kidding me? Kristen would be perfect.”

Word has it Eddie's pet dragon Spot will play a much bigger role as well. And in case you're thinking this reboot is going to be light and easy aiming for the PG-13 crowd out there... Well let's just say you may be thinking very wrong.. Scope out something else Fuller had to say:

“This version has teeth and isn’t afraid to use them. For example, the story begins when young Eddie unexpectedly manifests as a werewolf on a scout camping trip and inadvertently eats two of his fellow scouts."

Nice! Considering Fuller is aiming for something along the lines of "Modern Family" meets "True Blood" I'm going to go out on a limb and say this one is going to be right down our alley! What do you guys think? This news get you stoked for this reboot or are you just not feeling it? Hit us with your thoughts below and keep it here for more on the project as we hear it!

Extra Tidbit: Derek Mears for 'Herman Munster!'
Source: Ausiello Files



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